Love 🙂

We are all the same

Like a rainbow

Different shades

Reflecting the light in our own unique way

This is a treasure that makes life glow even brighter


Connecting with others is what I love best

Chatting and learning

Loving and living

So much beauty to discover

Treasures to be found

When we go with the flow

Amazing creations are everyday

I slow down and take it all in

My eyes open ever so widely

I slow my pace

and see all the creations of nature

and people’s creative minds

Every day a new beginning

Every breath a gift

Feel clear and cleansed

Awaken and enjoy all of this

For our life journey is the greatest gift 🙂 xoxoxox

With love and light

We all shine bright

Like an effervescent sparkle

or a moonbeams rays

So many sparkles lighten up our every day xox


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