Angel Poem

My friend sent me words to fill my life with grace,

put love in my heart

and a smile on my face.

Enjoy such wisdom and a life lived with love

for we are all supported from Heaven above 🙂


Take time to think; > it is the source of your power. > > Take time to play, > it is the secret of your youth. > > Take time to read; > it is the foundation of your knowledge. > > Take time to dream, > it will take you to the stars. > > Take time to laugh, > it really is your best medicine. > > Take time to exercise; > it will give you energy and good health. > > Take time to reach out to others; > it will give your life significance and meaning. > > Take time to yell English; > it will build your confidence and enhance your personal power. > > I know you’re going to make it. > > It may take time and hard work. > > It may take some sweat and tears. > > You may become frustrated. > > You may become depressed. > > You may even become hopeless. > > And at times you’ll feel like giving up. > > Sometimes you may even wonder if the struggle is really worth it. > > But I have confidence in you. > > I believe you will succeed. > > I know you’ll make it if you try. > > Whatever you do just don’t give up. > > Your dreams will come true. > > I love you.


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