In the flow

Our essence

When I was 17 I did a research project about the people of the Tiwi Islands who live on Bathurst and Melville Islands off the tip of Australia.

What I loved about The Tiwi culture is that they don’t have a word for ‘I’. Tiwi means: ‘We the people’.

I always think about this.

I try to practise not saying I, I , I so much.

Did my culture and life path teach me this?

I practise letting go.

Clear of ego so wisdom is clearly heard and revealed.

When we listen to the sound of the Divine, our feelings guide us with peace and grace.

We flow

Present, aware, open, lovingly

Everyday I feel amazed and inspired


Learning so much

New people, new cultures

And how ultimately we are all the same

Reflections of the same sun 🙂

It’s beautiful, it’s lovely and ever so interesting

I practise stilling myself,

“Be still and be with God,” said two lovely ladies I met on my walk in the sun yesterday.

We smiled together and appreciated the view.

How lucky we are xox


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