The present is all there is…

I read this quote from a friend’s business card.

We live so often in a story.

The story of our conditioning, the story of yesterday, the story of what we feel we have to do.

The reality is we are much freer than we could ever imagine.

I’m gentle about it though.

As my mind relaxes and my body becomes flexible, movement is free.

The present moment guides me.

The present moment guides us…



I love the silence.

It is in the silence I connect with the Divine.

It is with stillness in my being that I hear clearly.

The journey is with our selves.

The journey is with each other.


I know that the most important thing is to have Inner Peace.

I live in a way that esteems, respects and gives my whole soul and being dignity.


“You can turn everything into a positive,” said another friend.

I live as purely as I can.

Life is easy –

Eat healthily, exercise, learn, study and be positive.


Be positive – no matter what your story is.

We have come on this earthly plane to learn.

We always have the opportunity to connect to the Sacred peace of the Divine.


Connect to whatever is beautiful in the present moment.


Life is dance….

Learn to flow with grace xox


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