Angels and friends :)

I have a friend who communicates clearly with the Angels.

Nikki Last has done courses with Doreen Virtue, an Angel Therapy Practitioner.


Nikki said, “You are a Spirit having a human life.”


I had another friend who somebody spoke through,

“The world needs you, you are supposed to be here.”


I feel blessed.

Incredibly blessed


I feel blessed because I am awake.

I feel blessed because I am breathing.


All the rest is a bonus.


And so I choose to open my eyes.

To go slowly, to live mindfully.


I get so excited, my body wants to move so fast.


To flash like lightning.

To run as fast as the wind will take me.


I do this at times but what I am practicing is to be still.


“Be still and be with God,” said two lovely ladies I met on the path.


They were so loving and kind.


You could see and feel all of the love within them.

They had clear faces, clear Spirits and a wisdom of a life lived with loving grace.


We stopped to appreciate the view.


This is everything.

This is a gift J


Enjoy xoxoxox


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  1. ash
    Jul 14, 2012 @ 03:24:58

    Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.
    Carol Burnett


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