Use your best every day :)

I remember when Belinda Emmet (an Australian actor) passed away from breast cancer,

her words had been, 

“Use your best every day.”


My best friend reminded me of this a few years ago,

“Use your best today.

Wear your prettiest clothes,

enjoy everything you have.

Make the most of every day.”


I feel so grateful for my best friend.

Every moment she reminds me of the finer points of life.

To really enjoy what we have.

Her words ground me constantly, awakening me to the true beauty of everything.


Friendship is powerful.

We all have different perspectives.

Friendship is special because it is like love,

a meeting of minds and a beating of hearts.


We support each other through the journey 

and whatever each day may bring.

It fills my heart with joy and as I begin to learn more I am humbled with how little we really know.


So life is a beautiful adventure that teaches us so much about who we are and how loved we are.

No matter what there is always a Spiritual reservoir giving us love.


I read today that the Spiritual and the physical have no separation.

Oneness permeates everything.

We are all one.


And so I practise love.

Pure love with care 

for oneself and each other.


Peace xox



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mark Alburqueque Castillo
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 22:53:06

    Good words!


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