Guided By Spirit

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Daniel Sowelu – Sacred Law Firm


Deepak Chopra


There is plenty to read
And plenty to do
But there is only one of me
And only one of you

So take care I say
Go slowly and enjoy

Live radiantly, vibrantly
Live your love and joy

Friendship love :)

I have a beautiful friend.
He connects me to God.
How can someone so lovely lose their connection, I hear you ask?
Well in the same way we all can disconnect
Where do we float off to?
Where do we go?
That is only for ourselves and God to understand and know

And so my friend stepped in when the time called for it
I will help harmonise your emotions
And that was pretty much it

I awakened to who I truly was
Felt bliss and peace
Just because

His love guides me ever on
I cannot help but radiate this

That is why I love to share such bliss

Times when I’ve listened to my Intuition and let Spirit guide me

It is so important that we connect with the Divine and feel peace by
listening to the quiet stillness within. These feelings guide us in
the present moment. They are clear and honest. We can feel the truth.

Each moment I listen to my whole being. Does it say, “yes or no?”
What does it guide me to do?

“Let go,
Live free,
You are beautiful.”

I have had clear experiences when Spirit spoke. I could hear a
consciousness outside my own yet still within. The loving words
answered my prayers.

I knew the experiences were so real. I had a few people in my life
that didn’t quite believe me so I asked for physical objects that I
could show them. Not that it mattered what they thought. I knew the
truth within but praying for the Highest good of all I wanted others
to open their eyes as well.

And so the objects came. White feathers, flowers, journals,
butterflies, objects that resemble people I know or clear messages
from Spirit that everyone can identify with.

“It is always happening. We just have to become aware of it,” said my
Uncle’s friend one morning at the beach.

I love the white feather trail guiding me everywhere I go.

“Look,” I said to friends. “White feathers!”

They come all the time.
Walking along the beach, in parks, floating out of thin air.

The Angels are letting us know they are with us, loving and supporting us all.

These experiences give me peace, ground me and help harmonise my
emotions. I feel the Heaven sent bliss. I love to share my experiences
of this.

We are all free. We can all let go.
We are all Divine Spirits having a human experience; learning,
growing, awakening, opening our hearts wider to deeper connections of
love, with our true selves, each other and the Divine.

Life is such a precious gift.
Follow your instincts, listen and give thanks.
We are so blessed to be here
Enjoy every moment

What have I learnt?

I’ve learnt to let go
That we all live in this incredible flow

I’ve learnt to activate with pure pink light
Shining my love
Shining it bright

I’ve learnt to be present
For that’s where life is

In the magic of now
And seeing as is

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