It’s about progress

About not caring what anyone else thinks

It’s a journey between ourselves and God
(or whatever it is that you conceive God to be)

Because after 26 years of life experience

Experience that has taken me around quite a few bends

I think we can all feel a little confused at times

But then something happens

A shift in the winds

Things change direction

And life begins to improve

The sheer joy of swimming out deep in the ocean

Not a care or worry in the world…

“I thought we’d never come back from that one…”

I think we both felt the same on some level…

Like life is going to throw you around in a washing machine

Until you feel like you can take no more

Something shifts…

There is always light at the end of every tunnel

We can so easily forget that in the midst of a challenging emotion

Or an experience or mood

That feels it will never shift

But it always does

And somehow

Something has cleared for me

And I pray that everyone has this clarity

That we are all here in this fishbowl of earth

Swimming around

Some with more finesse than others

Yet somehow it works out all the same

And so I sit curious, intrigued and smiling

Ready to explore the whole world and everything on offer

This place is a pretty special one to be

Gracias life

I couldn’t ask for anything more xox


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