Everyday miracles

Everyday miracles


The word “Learning” was sparkling in my friend’s dream.


“It was flashing in gold sparkling light,” shared my girlfriend.

The dream resonated with me as I tried to make sense of my experience.


We have come here to learn.


Each of us is gifted and equipped with all of the tools to help us on our journey.


We wrote a Soul contract, who we will meet, what we will do, what we aim to learn.


I always believe the present moment is the most powerful moment.


We have a choice of how we will care for ourselves and our experience.


Seeing past the illusion we free our minds to awaken and be who we truly are.


Allow you inner light to shine.


Embrace all that you are with unconditional love.


Enjoy the journey,


For it is a precious ride.


Make choices for the Highest good of one’s Soul and humanity.


With love and light we glisten like sparkles.


Bless 🙂


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