Spirit Guides


This article appeared as I sat down to do my Uni work and my heart went searching for other information.

Alas this article appeared and gave me comfort.

I had begun connecting and tuning in to listen for guidance when the phone rang.

It was my beautiful Mum.

When I shared my thoughts and feelings Mum instantly said,

“Write! Write about anything. Share your words. There are so many opportunities and places for you to publish. There are so many people who would love to read your words!”

I thanked Mum and as I got off the phone I smiled.

Our Spirit guides love us dearly.

They want to see us flourish and live the most beautiful lives aligned with our heartfelt Soul purpose.

And so I have opened the channel and begun to write.

It is a miracle we are here so follow your heartsong and connect in with your Spirit guides.

They have so much love and beauty to share.

All we have to do is listen.

God bless,

Love Ash xxx


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