Hina – Polynesian Goddess

“Freedom comes to those who live their lives for their higher selves. Not for the lives of others.

Too often, we’ve been led by the demands and decrees of those who wish to control us. Those who wish to make use of us and those who wish to treat us as servants while they play the masters. That time ends now.

You are your own master. Listen to your master’s voice. He or she that speaks to you from the depth of your own heart and soul.

Hina, the Hawaiian Goddess of the moon wants you to listen to your heart and your soul. You know what to do. The wisdom is within you. Only you can set yourself free. By changing the way you think. By changing the way you perceive. By taking your power back from those who have taken it from you or from those you have reluctantly given to because you were manipulated or scared or weak.

Take your power back.

You are powerful. You are your own divinity. You are your own truth.

Freedom comes to those who dare live their true lives. Not what society demands. Not what the status Quo expects, but what your true will desires. When you live in accordance with your true will, the universe lives its life with you. Together, the road ahead will be less menacing and more meaningful.

Together, the road ahead shall lead you to freedom and the path you walk on shall lead you home.”



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