Room to Read Wine Gala


Just four weeks until Room to Read’s Sydney Wine Gala!

Host John Wood
Room to Read Founder and Board Co-chair
with special guests
ABC broadcaster Richard Glover, and
Kall Kann, Room to Read’s Country Director for Cambodia

We are also thrilled to announce a graduate from our Girls’ Education Program will share her personal journey on the night.

Join us for an exquisite menu and matching wines, and of course, a remarkable array of auction items including:

Four nights at the exclusive Aman Resorts at Amanpulo, Phillipines

Your chance to visit a Room to Read school in Cambodia, India, Laos or Vietnam along with 10 nights at a Small Luxury Hotel

Work experience at Monkey Baa Theatre Company

A private cooking class for 8 and lunch at The Red Lantern

Date: Friday 21st March, 6.30pm onwards
Venue: Hilton Sydney, 488 George Street, Sydney
Individual tickets: $275
Tables of ten: $2,750

Bookings: or by calling (02) 8205 4692

World Change Starts with Educated Children.®

Room to Read
PO Box Box R1017
Royal Exchange 1225
Tel: (02) 8205 4692


The Australian Writers’ Guild

The Australian Writers’ Guild

Grandmother’s Love

“If you’ve got the ability, you may as well,” says my Grandmother with a knowing smile and a loving giggle.

It’s important to share one’s gifts.

You can only try and give it a go.

With this love in your heart.

Your Soul can only grow.

It is easy to open when we when we live in the flow.

Words come like magic to help us know.

The silence is peaceful.

It’s wisdom I adore.

With a listening ear ,

Internal guidance speaks clear.

Know thyself and connect to thee.

It will open your eyes

So you can see see.

Conscious Love

You are an essential component,

important to the whole.

May love lead you everywhere.

For love is the only goal xxx

Generous Spirit

“Be still and know that I am God,” Psalm 46: 10

That which you seek can be found inside

True love is luminous, infinite, like the rising tide

As emotions come and go

As we dance and flow

Our visions are clear

Each day a precious gift

We can always connect to Eternity

Different forms and shapes to discover

Different lessons to learn and uncover

Be still and feel the infinite peace

As your Soul smiles gladly

With knowing release

Free Spirit you are

Your loving vibrations

Strummed from God’s eternal guitar

Enjoy all that is

For it is so beautiful here

In the light of your love

May you see clear



Spirit Guides

This article appeared as I sat down to do my Uni work and my heart went searching for other information.

Alas this article appeared and gave me comfort.

I had begun connecting and tuning in to listen for guidance when the phone rang.

It was my beautiful Mum.

When I shared my thoughts and feelings Mum instantly said,

“Write! Write about anything. Share your words. There are so many opportunities and places for you to publish. There are so many people who would love to read your words!”

I thanked Mum and as I got off the phone I smiled.

Our Spirit guides love us dearly.

They want to see us flourish and live the most beautiful lives aligned with our heartfelt Soul purpose.

And so I have opened the channel and begun to write.

It is a miracle we are here so follow your heartsong and connect in with your Spirit guides.

They have so much love and beauty to share.

All we have to do is listen.

God bless,

Love Ash xxx

Everyday miracles

Everyday miracles


The word “Learning” was sparkling in my friend’s dream.


“It was flashing in gold sparkling light,” shared my girlfriend.

The dream resonated with me as I tried to make sense of my experience.


We have come here to learn.


Each of us is gifted and equipped with all of the tools to help us on our journey.


We wrote a Soul contract, who we will meet, what we will do, what we aim to learn.


I always believe the present moment is the most powerful moment.


We have a choice of how we will care for ourselves and our experience.


Seeing past the illusion we free our minds to awaken and be who we truly are.


Allow you inner light to shine.


Embrace all that you are with unconditional love.


Enjoy the journey,


For it is a precious ride.


Make choices for the Highest good of one’s Soul and humanity.


With love and light we glisten like sparkles.


Bless 🙂

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