Self Mastery and fate with the cycles of life

Grandmother’s Love

“If you’ve got the ability, you may as well,” says my Grandmother with a knowing smile and a loving giggle.

It’s important to share one’s gifts.

You can only try and give it a go.

With this love in your heart.

Your Soul can only grow.

It is easy to open when we when we live in the flow.

Words come like magic to help us know.

The silence is peaceful.

It’s wisdom I adore.

With a listening ear ,

Internal guidance speaks clear.

Know thyself and connect to thee.

It will open your eyes

So you can see see.

Conscious Love

You are an essential component,

important to the whole.

May love lead you everywhere.

For love is the only goal xxx

Soul Love

Ash’s love

As His love

Soul love…

Walking with me


Offering your loving hand…

Freely, openly, unconditionally

Guiding me

Luminous light



Pure delight

Loving presence
Awakening me

Opening my eyes
So I can see

Eternal beauty
Your love is grace
Angelic presence
Soft as lace

Eternal peace
Forever with you

The ultimate resurrection
The most powerful connection

Protector and friend

Eternal light,
Guiding me forever on…

The night stars twinkle,
Glisten and glow

Your love illuminating the whole sky

Igniting radiance, brilliance
For a marvellous show

Entertained I certainly am
I can always feel you holding my hand

With a sense of humour that makes me laugh
My dreamer, my friend

As you lead me to discover
All the treasures in this marvellous place
Your presence,
A miracle
You fill me with grace

The most treasured Soul Spirit bringing joy to my everyday

Thankyou Angel for your beautiful way xx

Friendship love :)

I have a beautiful friend.
He connects me to God.
How can someone so lovely lose their connection, I hear you ask?
Well in the same way we all can disconnect
Where do we float off to?
Where do we go?
That is only for ourselves and God to understand and know

And so my friend stepped in when the time called for it
I will help harmonise your emotions
And that was pretty much it

I awakened to who I truly was
Felt bliss and peace
Just because

His love guides me ever on
I cannot help but radiate this

That is why I love to share such bliss

Love – words are love – our way :) enjoy this breath xoxoxoxoxox

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.
Phyllis Theroux


It’s about progress

About not caring what anyone else thinks

It’s a journey between ourselves and God
(or whatever it is that you conceive God to be)

Because after 26 years of life experience

Experience that has taken me around quite a few bends

I think we can all feel a little confused at times

But then something happens

A shift in the winds

Things change direction

And life begins to improve

The sheer joy of swimming out deep in the ocean

Not a care or worry in the world…

“I thought we’d never come back from that one…”

I think we both felt the same on some level…

Like life is going to throw you around in a washing machine

Until you feel like you can take no more

Something shifts…

There is always light at the end of every tunnel

We can so easily forget that in the midst of a challenging emotion

Or an experience or mood

That feels it will never shift

But it always does

And somehow

Something has cleared for me

And I pray that everyone has this clarity

That we are all here in this fishbowl of earth

Swimming around

Some with more finesse than others

Yet somehow it works out all the same

And so I sit curious, intrigued and smiling

Ready to explore the whole world and everything on offer

This place is a pretty special one to be

Gracias life

I couldn’t ask for anything more xox

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