Going Within

Going Within.

Grandmother’s Love

“If you’ve got the ability, you may as well,” says my Grandmother with a knowing smile and a loving giggle.

It’s important to share one’s gifts.

You can only try and give it a go.

With this love in your heart.

Your Soul can only grow.

It is easy to open when we when we live in the flow.

Words come like magic to help us know.

The silence is peaceful.

It’s wisdom I adore.

With a listening ear ,

Internal guidance speaks clear.

Know thyself and connect to thee.

It will open your eyes

So you can see see.

Conscious Love

You are an essential component,

important to the whole.

May love lead you everywhere.

For love is the only goal xxx

Art Gallery NSW Kids Tour




Patience :)

Go slowly

We are all very precious

Equally precious

Slow down…


Enjoy everything

Life is full

Life is complete

Open your eyes

See clearly xoxx

Jazz: A (sort of) Foreword

Jazz: A (sort of) Foreword.


Christian Mihai is my favourite writing discovery of today.

Thanks for liking my blog Christian.

I’m so happy to discover you.

Your writing is beautiful xox

The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales

The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales.



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