Grandmother’s Love

“If you’ve got the ability, you may as well,” says my Grandmother with a knowing smile and a loving giggle.

It’s important to share one’s gifts.

You can only try and give it a go.

With this love in your heart.

Your Soul can only grow.

It is easy to open when we when we live in the flow.

Words come like magic to help us know.

The silence is peaceful.

It’s wisdom I adore.

With a listening ear ,

Internal guidance speaks clear.

Know thyself and connect to thee.

It will open your eyes

So you can see see.

Conscious Love

You are an essential component,

important to the whole.

May love lead you everywhere.

For love is the only goal xxx

Angels and friends :)

I have a friend who communicates clearly with the Angels.

Nikki Last has done courses with Doreen Virtue, an Angel Therapy Practitioner.


Nikki said, “You are a Spirit having a human life.”


I had another friend who somebody spoke through,

“The world needs you, you are supposed to be here.”


I feel blessed.

Incredibly blessed


I feel blessed because I am awake.

I feel blessed because I am breathing.


All the rest is a bonus.


And so I choose to open my eyes.

To go slowly, to live mindfully.


I get so excited, my body wants to move so fast.


To flash like lightning.

To run as fast as the wind will take me.


I do this at times but what I am practicing is to be still.


“Be still and be with God,” said two lovely ladies I met on the path.


They were so loving and kind.


You could see and feel all of the love within them.

They had clear faces, clear Spirits and a wisdom of a life lived with loving grace.


We stopped to appreciate the view.


This is everything.

This is a gift J


Enjoy xoxoxox

Om Times

Judith Orloff MD

Intuition, Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Emotions and Energy Healing

April 9-15, 2012, Doreen’s Weekly Oracle Cards

This reading makes me smile 🙂

Enjoy beautiful visions

feel complete peace

Enjoy the journey

A life filled with love xox


Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reading April 9-15, 2012  


Enjoy your week 🙂

Lots of love xox

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