Times when I’ve listened to my Intuition and let Spirit guide me

It is so important that we connect with the Divine and feel peace by
listening to the quiet stillness within. These feelings guide us in
the present moment. They are clear and honest. We can feel the truth.

Each moment I listen to my whole being. Does it say, “yes or no?”
What does it guide me to do?

“Let go,
Live free,
You are beautiful.”

I have had clear experiences when Spirit spoke. I could hear a
consciousness outside my own yet still within. The loving words
answered my prayers.

I knew the experiences were so real. I had a few people in my life
that didn’t quite believe me so I asked for physical objects that I
could show them. Not that it mattered what they thought. I knew the
truth within but praying for the Highest good of all I wanted others
to open their eyes as well.

And so the objects came. White feathers, flowers, journals,
butterflies, objects that resemble people I know or clear messages
from Spirit that everyone can identify with.

“It is always happening. We just have to become aware of it,” said my
Uncle’s friend one morning at the beach.

I love the white feather trail guiding me everywhere I go.

“Look,” I said to friends. “White feathers!”

They come all the time.
Walking along the beach, in parks, floating out of thin air.

The Angels are letting us know they are with us, loving and supporting us all.

These experiences give me peace, ground me and help harmonise my
emotions. I feel the Heaven sent bliss. I love to share my experiences
of this.

We are all free. We can all let go.
We are all Divine Spirits having a human experience; learning,
growing, awakening, opening our hearts wider to deeper connections of
love, with our true selves, each other and the Divine.

Life is such a precious gift.
Follow your instincts, listen and give thanks.
We are so blessed to be here
Enjoy every moment

What have I learnt?

I’ve learnt to let go
That we all live in this incredible flow

I’ve learnt to activate with pure pink light
Shining my love
Shining it bright

I’ve learnt to be present
For that’s where life is

In the magic of now
And seeing as is

Love – words are love – our way :) enjoy this breath xoxoxoxoxox

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.
Phyllis Theroux

The present is all there is…

I read this quote from a friend’s business card.

We live so often in a story.

The story of our conditioning, the story of yesterday, the story of what we feel we have to do.

The reality is we are much freer than we could ever imagine.

I’m gentle about it though.

As my mind relaxes and my body becomes flexible, movement is free.

The present moment guides me.

The present moment guides us…



I love the silence.

It is in the silence I connect with the Divine.

It is with stillness in my being that I hear clearly.

The journey is with our selves.

The journey is with each other.


I know that the most important thing is to have Inner Peace.

I live in a way that esteems, respects and gives my whole soul and being dignity.


“You can turn everything into a positive,” said another friend.

I live as purely as I can.

Life is easy –

Eat healthily, exercise, learn, study and be positive.


Be positive – no matter what your story is.

We have come on this earthly plane to learn.

We always have the opportunity to connect to the Sacred peace of the Divine.


Connect to whatever is beautiful in the present moment.


Life is dance….

Learn to flow with grace xox

Angels and friends :)

I have a friend who communicates clearly with the Angels.

Nikki Last has done courses with Doreen Virtue, an Angel Therapy Practitioner.


Nikki said, “You are a Spirit having a human life.”


I had another friend who somebody spoke through,

“The world needs you, you are supposed to be here.”


I feel blessed.

Incredibly blessed


I feel blessed because I am awake.

I feel blessed because I am breathing.


All the rest is a bonus.


And so I choose to open my eyes.

To go slowly, to live mindfully.


I get so excited, my body wants to move so fast.


To flash like lightning.

To run as fast as the wind will take me.


I do this at times but what I am practicing is to be still.


“Be still and be with God,” said two lovely ladies I met on the path.


They were so loving and kind.


You could see and feel all of the love within them.

They had clear faces, clear Spirits and a wisdom of a life lived with loving grace.


We stopped to appreciate the view.


This is everything.

This is a gift J


Enjoy xoxoxox

Spiritual Books

The Rainbow Follows the Storm: How to Obtain Inner Peace by Connecting With Angels and Deceased Loved Ones [Paperback]

Karen Noe



Jazz: A (sort of) Foreword

Jazz: A (sort of) Foreword.


Christian Mihai is my favourite writing discovery of today.

Thanks for liking my blog Christian.

I’m so happy to discover you.

Your writing is beautiful xox

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